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Miamed gets three ISO certifications

ISO 9001 certificate (Quality management system)

  • Increases your customers ‘trust in you as a safe supplier of products and services
  • Enhances your competitiveness
  • Reduces cost and generates savings while maintaining the best quality
  • Helps maintain and improve your market position

ISO 14001 certificate (Environmental management system)

  • Reduce negative impacts on the environment
  • It helps in maintaining a better position for the company, especially in terms of preserving
  • environmental resources.
  • Increases your customers’ trust in you as a safe supplier of products and services

ISO 45001 certificate (Occupational health and safety management systems)

  • Continuous improvement and development of occupational health and safety management in the company
  • increased health protection of employees
  • helps prevent accidents and random events
  • creates a responsible corporate status

These certificates meet the international standards and were obtained by Miamed from the British company URS which is registered on the British Accreditation Board UKAS one of the strongest accreditation boards internationally in cooperation with ISO.EXPERTS. SYRIA


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