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Since the beginning of our foundation, we've built our Warehouses according to GSP (Good Storage Practices)

Miamed warehouses features:

  • QC lab monitor all storage raw materials & store them at the quarantine area until making sure of their sterility and compliance with the required standards.
  • Large & Organized storage areas, divided into warehouses for raw materials, warehouses for primary & secondary packaging materials, & other warehouses for finishing products.
  • Automatic fire-extinguishing system, evenly distributed to all warehouses, working immediately when needed.
  • Pest Control system to eliminate insects or rodents inside each warehouse, if any.
  • Special ventilation system works to renew the air periodically.
  • Special electricity & backup lighting system that works immediately when there is any malfunction.

Miamed Storge main mechanisms:

  • Temperature and humidity adjusting in the entire warehouses with conducting thermal and humidity mapping studies continuously to know the appropriate places to store each material.
  • Correct Labelling on the materials, whether in the stage of receiving & delivering the raw materials or the sampling stage in the sampling room.
  • Store all products on plastic pallets elevated from the ground to prevent them from exposed to any moisture or contact with anything that may affect them during the storage period, & the storage is according to the FIFO (First In First Out) system.
  • Finishing products are stored in the quarantine area for 14 days until they are chemically, physically & bacterial checked by the QC Lab
  • Five-layer storage cartons with a high quality & special formula “three flat & two corrugated”, in addition to choosing the HP Craft: version one in order to ensure the safety of the products in any storage conditions they may be exposed.


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