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Al Abbasien Hospital at MIAMED

A group of Al Abbasien Hospital ‘doctors had visited Miamed Factory

This visit Included Important discussions about their experience using our products & introductory tour to the production department, storage warehouses & QC laboratory.  

During the visit, we at Miamed presented a special honorary shield to the Abbasien Hospital, in appreciation to the hospital and all the medical staff including doctors, pharmacists and nurses.

Our guests were:

Dr. Amani Al-Halqi, Dr. Hassan Asaad, Dr. Samer Mosleh, Dr. Malath Al-Hosami, Dr. Nora Awata, Dr. Yahya Bosta, Dr. Ramez Baghdadi and nurses Muhammad Musa, Muhannad Abu Dhra’, Ph. Samah Miqdad & Ph. Imad Abu Nabout


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