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Al_Suwayda Health delegation 2020

Al_Suwayda governorate medical delegation had visited Miamed factory & the tour have included all the production lines, QA laboratories, and warehouses.

We've had during the visit important conversations about the most significant needs of the Suwayda governorate Hemodialysis medical service.

Our guests were: 

Dr. Nizar Al-Muhanna, the Manager of the Sweida Health Directorate 

Dr. Imad Al-Jabriel, Manager of the General Authority of Al-Basil HP in Salkhad

Dr. Nadim Hammoud Nofal, Manager of the General Authority of Shahba HP 

Dr. Ziyad Hani Ghanem, Manager of Sally HP-

Dr. Khaldoun Fayez Abu Hamdan, Manager of the National HP in Suwayda

Dr. Najat Abu Zour, head of the HDs department in Suwayda- 

Dr. Tariq Khair, Nephrologist 

Dr. Jihad Al-Hinnawi, head of the Emergency dep.

Dr. Maher Badr, head of the opthalmology dep. at the Suwayda National HP

In addition to having a significant group of nursing staff

and pharmacists that we have such an honor to receive them at Miamed factory.

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