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At miamed we believe that every person deserves the best possible chance for a healthier life and that's why from the beginning of miamed foundation we chose our mission to deliver superior care that improves the quality of life of every patient by providing
and developing high quality medicines based on researches, development & the latest of the pharmaceutical industry, while being

keen to save the natural resources and protect them from pollution and always working in a highly team work spirit

Our Factory is located in Dimas area on the slopes of Mount Hermon and the snow-capped mountains, where the purity of the atmosphere & water.

Our vision in miamed  is to become a leading and reliable company in the pharmaceutical industries, especially sterile solutions, by applying GMP standards while working on manufacturing new generic drugs that meet the requirements of the local pharmaceutical market or the Middle East at competitive prices while ensuring the highest quality.

As well as providing an ideal work environment in which conditions of occupational safety & health are obtained with the team work spirit & cooperation between everyone are prevailed.

our mission to attract & develop the brightest talent with a passion for excellence & a desire to produce medicines, which promote patient health and longevity.

Our approach is defined by miamed Interlock, a symbiotic relationship  between the three key principles at the heart of miamed business:


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